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It’s the month of March!

What better way to start this month than to hear some inspiring stories from our parents about their journey in co-parenting.

Let us go ahead and meet Mary Alice Bell as she explains her heartwarming adventure with 2 lovely twins

RALEIGH, N.C.  — I come from a broken home. Not only was my home broken, it was severed, and decades later I still deal with the pain.

Growing up I heard the word custody not co-parenting. There was mom’s time and dad’s time. Maybe I was lucky to grow up in a divorced home so that I know what not to do.

Maybe growing up in that environment allowed me to make sure my kids’ home wasn’t broken in half even though their parents are no longer married.

Not long after I had my twin sons, I found myself choosing between my happiness and the happiness of my kids in relation to my marriage.

I chose my happiness to ensure I could be the best parent for them. That meant getting a divorce.

With that choice, I also took on the responsibility of making sure my kids were as happy as they possibly could be in our new life and new family journey.

Many single moms don’t have a backup. There are times when I want to be selfish and make it easy on myself and think “I’ve got this, I don’t need their dad for this” or “it’s just easier for me if it’s just me,” but what might be easy for me in the short term is not what’s best for my kids in the long run.

I overheard one of my sons talking with a friend recently. The friend asked, “Why don’t your parents live together?”  And my son said, “Well because they are just really good friends.”

My heart filled with joy. A parenting win!

I think we are getting it as right as we can and that’s all we can do.

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March 10, 2022 : The Weekend Family Empowerment Advocacy Series Understanding your Child’s Rights & Responsibilities

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Dr. Yasmine Saad is an international best selling author and an award-winning top 3 rated NYC licensed clinical psychologist with a national and international reputation. She has a wellness perspective on mental health issues. She has helped thousands of people transform their lives in just one session by shifting their perspectives and providing actionable steps to help them find balance and well-being. She applies psychological wisdom based on Eastern and Westen Healing traditions to their unique problems to empower them to transform their lives.

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Alienated Children Express Themselves Through their Artwork

This is taken from a presentation of Dr. Bernet and consists of a compilation of children’s artwork in which it is noted that children are expressing their trauma from parental alienation through their artwork.

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