Men who bring hope to families in crisis on June 20th

The monthly panel discussion on June 20, “Divorced Dad’s and extended family” was a total success. The panelists made history with this first Father’s Day tribute by Kids Need Both, Inc. The esteemed guests brought their personal experience with the bitter world of divorce to the conversation and shared how they turned their pain into wisdom that now helps others through their own advocacy activities. Each panelist agreed that it is important to find a support group that can help in the process of healing. The event became even more memorable due to the celebration of Todd Schuelke’s birthday. 

Important insights worthy of sharing are the following:

I do believe healing is a massive process,and part of what we are trying to achieve. It’s not just dealing with things on your own but finding the right healing process…” – Mark Sheppard

“It’s so very important for early intervention because you’ve got to heal yourself and get yourself out of survival because think about it, survival is fear-based. Fear-based is basically the non-thinking side of the brain. It’s the Primitive side of the brain that’s not making great decisions.” – Danica Joan Dockery, M.Ed

“In cases like this, where children are involved and allegations are introduced, they should have someone oversee the court tape to observe the parents. Because there are two people there trying to tell two different stories, until you (the court) know which one is telling the truth you’re gonna continue making a wrong decision in the case.” – Bill Edgett

“The dangers of turning family decisions over to family court, which by design pits parents against each other, were pretty clear and well documented.  What is missing is an alternative to adversarial family court, for parents and families in crisis.” – Todd Schuelke

Please click the link to watch in replay the panel session Divorced Dad’s and extended family https://www.facebook.com/danicajoan/videos/10221893877794316/

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