Mark Sheppard in the June 2021 event shares his all as a father

This video clip contains highlights from a June 20, 2021, online event “Divorced Dad’s and extended family.” Panelist Mark Sheppard warned that resorting to family court should not be the first step taken, instead, it should be the very last resort. His experience with divorce made him an advocate for parental alienation prevention and he is now the Director/Founder of Family & Separation Support CIC.

Along with Mr. Sheppard on the advisory panel was Todd Schuelke who is the Founder & Director of Florida Families Inc. Mr. Schuelke’s personal experience with divorce with children led him to found Florida Families, Inc. and play an advisory role to Kids Need Both, Inc. During the panel discussion. Guest panelist, Bill Edgett, will soon be featured in another video.

Danica Joan Dockery, M.Ed. is the mainstay moderator not only for the June 20 panel discussion, but also an upcoming event on June 27. Her expertise as a coach has led to her founding Kids Need Both, Inc. Her insights and ideas are also informed by her personal experience with divorce struggles. To gain more information, education and information, attend the event on June 27, 2021 at 12:45 P.M. to 2:45 PM EDT on the Hope for Families online event.

To access the whole panel discussion of the June 20, 2021 even just click https://www.facebook.com/1179859612/videos/10221893877794316/

You are also free to attend the upcoming June 27. 2021 event. To register please visit us at https://hope4families.net/events/hope-for-healing/

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