KNB Congratulates Dawn McCarty, featured in FORBES Magazine

Dawn McCarty has greatly contributed in the Kids Need Both, Inc. Organization, as a Board Member, and as an advocate of parental alienation awareness. Her personal experience gave her the understanding to be a passionate champion of her cause.

Not only is she an active team member of KNB but is also a blessing to the community through her trailblazing program, Safe@Home Online Security Academy, that helps families secure a safe space to protect their data, most importantly protect the innocence of children from online danger.

Her leadership in groups and active community exposure has gotten the attention of highly influential publications such as Forbes Magazine. As child of parental abduction, Dawn’s spot on the magazine is evidence that she is making her mark on the world for the better.

 Check the article written about her by Ginger Gentile. Click the link Parental Abduction Survivor: From Victim To Advocate (forbes.com)

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