I live in a van with my ex, current partner and our three kids

This woman from TikTok lives in a van her ex-husband, her boyfriend and three kids.

They say three is a crowd, but how about six?

Nadine, 34 and from Germany, has been living in a van with her ex-husband Sacha, her current partner Alex and three children for six years. They have chronicled their life on TikTok under @wild.family.life, a page that has more than 21,000 followers.

Trolls have questioned their living arrangement and its effect on the kids.

Nadine has hit back against the haters and in a video, she explains why having a healthy relationship with her ex is good for their kids.

Sacha is the father of her two eldest while Alex is the father of her youngest. But both help take care of all three children in their co-parenting format.

Nadine homeschools her children so they can travel the world in their van.

“We‘re all good friends which turned out to be very good for all our 3 children,” she captioned one of their TikTok videos. “It‘s not impossible to come along and show our kids how good humans can work together if they want to.”

Nadine homeschools her kids as they travel and according to one of their videos, they are spending their summer in Spain.

There were some people who supported the family’s decisions.

“Yes this is unconditional love people,”one person commented.

“This is amazing, like you guys are just so full of love,” said another.

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