The Strategic Alliance

In order to achieve our mission of reuniting families we needed to form an alliance of organizations, stakeholders, advocates and professionals that share our commitment that families work and children are removed from combative custody disputes.

The Alliance is integral part of our strategy to spread our message and leveraging support into concrete action across the family advocacy industry.

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Flagship Partners

The Fathers Rights Movement

A movement whose members, both men & women, are interested in seeing an equal custody presumption in child custody cases.

Kids Need Both

Our mission is to be a model of education, empowerment, and professional development that transforms the way all stakeholders navigate the challenges of maintaining the eternal unity of the family bond.


Hope Network

Our mission is to empower the hopes, dreams, imagination, knowledge and talents of people by creating a platform of communities working together to broadcast globally.

Americans for Equal Shared Parenting

Helping to educate, enable and empower people across the country on best practices for raising awareness of the need for equal shared parenting legislation.