Voice of the Child of Divorce

“Dear Mom & Dad” was written by Monica Epperson, founder of The Child of Divorce. Monica experienced five divorces during her childhood and started The Child of Divorce to provide resources to children who are experiencing hurtful ramifications due to divorce.

from YouTube/The Child of Divorce Channel

This is a very sincere and honest thought of a child. The voice is young but the message is very much matured. It only shows that a child develop emotional bruises during the painful process of parent’s divorce.

Oftentimes, adult focus more on their adult world- how they can cope up, get through and move on in the process. The children on the other hand are neglected (because they are considered young and innocent), however, the reality of life brings about the sad truth that EVERYONE in the family is affected- more so, the child.

Do divorced parents care to listen?

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