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Identify what money means to you and what it represents for you.

Consider that if you hesitate on giving a client the cost of your services, there is an underlying belief you have around your value. You may actually feel like you can help that client but there’s a concern hidden beneath that doesn’t want to charge what you are worth. So what holds you back from pricing your worth?

Another thing to consider is, remember the last time you received free advice, did you take significant action on that advice? How about the last time you paid someone to coach or counsel you? Did you take more or less action on the paid-for advice?

Money is nothing more than an energy exchange. If you expect something in return for your services, that actually helps the recipient. They have skin in the game, and will see your guidance as more valuable.


  • Give away some money. I suggest you give away an amount of money that is a little too much. At least $3. (Don’t tell anyone this was your assignment.)
  • Notice what goes on internally as you:
    • decide how much to give
    • as you actually try to give it away
    • write down what reason you made up to explain giving it away
    • write down anything you discovered about this exercise