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Values Clarification Exercise

Hope4Families August 26, 2022

Below is a list of 12 values that are important to most people. We want you to rank order them from 1-
12 (1 = most important, 12 = least important) by how important they are to you. NO TIES allowed. There
are no right or wrong answers. Each person’s values are their own and predict the choices they make in

Rank Order Name of Value

_________ Being loyal to your friends or family
_________ Gaining secure employment
_________ Having fun/feeling good
_________ Gaining knowledge
_________ Taking responsibility for your actions
_________ Feeling emotionally connected to significant people in your life
_________ Getting ahead in life
_________ Helping others
_________ Taking risks/seeking excitement
_________ Becoming or staying physically fit
_________ Feeling safe physically and/or emotionally
_________ Being honest
_________ [Perhaps you have a value not on this list. Add it here and rank all items from #1-#13.]