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HOMEWORK #1: My Promise

Cut and paste the following Promise in Your Discussion Group: 

  • I promise myself that I am persevering to be successful!
  • I promise myself that I am willing to go WAY outside of my comfort zone!
  • I promise myself that I am taking 100% responsibility for my success!
  • I promise myself that when I fail I will see the lesson, grow and start to play bigger!
  • I promise myself the gifts of love, joy and abundance!

HOMEWORK #2: My Declaration

A Declaration is a phrase that speaks something into existence from nothing. Just like the Declaration of Independence spoke our new free nation into existence, we can declare a new future into existence through our words and intentions. The new nation didn’t look any different just by saying so, but our forefathers were committed to their declaration and it began to show up just as they said.

Spend 10-15 minutes writing a declaration that brings forth your life’s mission into existence by declaring what you are committed to as if you already have it. Be mindful to use the present tense in what you create. And be detail oriented. Vagueness produces vague outcomes. Specificity produces exactly what you want.

(Ie. I have…, I am known as…, People recognize me for….)

Submit to Your Coach. Print and post it where you create. Speak it into existence every day.