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Simplified Dissolution No Children No Property

Sharon September 1, 2023
This video explains the process for a simplified dissolution of marriage. The first document in the packet requires headings, captions, and titles. Each document must include the judicial circuit number obtained from the clerk of court. The video focuses on the ninth judicial circuit in Orange or Osceola County, Florida, which shares similar forms.
You start by entering the husband’s and wife’s full legal names. The form includes a captcha and is titled “Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage.” You provide marriage details, confirm irretrievable breakdown, and select one box in paragraphs 5 and 6.
You can attach a marital settlement agreement if desired. If the wife wants to revert to her former name, her full legal name is needed. After a judge’s approval, obtain certified copies for name changes.
Finally, complete paragraphs 8 through 11, sign in front of a clerk, and fill in personal details. Include the provided resource section information and check the assistance box (both husband and wife). This concludes the simplified dissolution of marriage process.

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