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Seven Steps to Prevent Abandonment Raging

Hope4Families August 26, 2022
  1. Learn everything you can about with whom, when, how and why you turn your fear of rejection and
    abandonment into rage.
  2. Commit to quit raging no matter how empty, lonely, hurt or unsafe you feel.
  3. Make your main goal to exchange the sense of distrust that fuels abandonment rages with a
    willingness to trust.
  4. Focus upon people whom you have been able to trust in the past to gain more ability to trust in the
  5. Replace jealous, suspicious, and distrusting words and actions with trusting ones.
  6. Learn how to accept reassurance when you need reminders that you are loved and wanted.
  7. Challenge yourself to let go of especially painful feelings of neglect, abandonment, rejection or
    betrayal from the past.