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Rewriting Your Limiting Belief

Hope4Families September 2, 2021

Now let’s rewrite this limiting belief with a set of empowering beliefs.

Limiting Belief:

  • “I worry about what others will think about me.”

Empowering Beliefs:

  • “What others think of me doesn’t matter.”
  • “What truly matters is what I think of myself.” 
  • “My opinion of myself is the one that counts.” 
  • “I am secure in who I am.”
  • “I avoid striving to make everyone happy.”

The key to rewriting this limiting belief is to realize that what others think of you simply doesn’t matter. In the long scheme of things, does it matter if others think more or less of you? No, it doesn’t. 

What truly matters is what you think of yourself. 

Your opinion of yourself is the one that counts the most. And as we’ve said before, you are worthy and valuable. That’s the opinion you should have of yourself. Don’t let the opinions of others drag you down. Their opinions hold no weight compared to your own opinion of yourself. 

Your new belief is that the opinions of others don’t affect you one way or the other. 

You are free from caring what others think of you. You are secure in yourself, knowing that you are valuable and worthy. You no longer strive to make everyone happy. Rather, you focus on making yourself happy and ensuring that you’re pursuing your dreams and goals.