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Rewriting Your Limiting Belief

Hope4Families September 2, 2021

Now let’s rewrite this limiting belief with a set of empowering beliefs. 

Limiting Belief:

  • “I can do everything without help.” 

Empowering Beliefs:

  • “I can benefit from the help and assistance of others.”
  • “Others have strengths and talents that I don’t have.” 
  • “I can better reach my full potential with the help of others.” 
  • “I can’t do everything by myself.” 

In order to rewrite this limiting belief, you must come to terms with the fact that you simply can’t do everything.

Yes, you may be able to accomplish a lot. But the simple truth is that others have strengths and gifts that you don’t have, and you can tap into those strengths and gifts. You need to utilize the abilities of others. 

The more you tap into the strengths of others, the more you’ll be able to get done and the closer you’ll come to actually achieving your goals, hopes, and dreams. If you try to do everything alone, you simply won’t get as far. 

Your new belief is that you need the help of others in order to reach your true potential. 

Don’t try to be a Lone Ranger. You have so much potential, but you need others to help you fully realize it. Ask for help. Utilize the gifts and talents that others have. You’ll make so much more progress than if you try to do everything by yourself.