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Rewriting The Limiting Belief

H4FAdmin September 1, 2021

Let’s rewrite the limiting belief into a set of empowering beliefs. 

Limiting Belief:

  • “My past will always keep me from creating a bright future.”

Empowering Beliefs: 

  • “My past can’t determine what I achieve in the future.”
  • “My past is one of my greatest assets.”
  • “Lessons from the past make me wiser.”
  • “I can avoid mistakes in the future by looking to the past.”
  • “I can learn from my past and adapt and change.”

In order to rewrite this limiting belief, it’s crucial to understand that your past actions have no bearing on your future. This is not to say that the past doesn’t matter. But your past cannot determine what you do or don’t achieve in the future.

Failure in the past doesn’t automatically mean failure in the future. Struggle in the past doesn’t automatically mean struggle in the future. 

In fact, your past is one of your greatest assets. As you learn lessons from the past, it makes you that much wiser. You have more knowledge, skills, and experience. You can avoid the mistakes of the past and succeed that much faster in the future. 

In some ways, it is true that the past influences the future, but it can always influence the future in good ways! Your past allows you to adapt, change, and become more effective at what you do.