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Rewriting The Limiting Belief

Hope4Families September 2, 2021

Now let’s rewrite this limiting belief with a set of empowering beliefs.

Limiting Belief:

  • “I’m not ready to start.” 

Empowering Belief:

  • Progress matters more than perfection.” 
  • “I can always make changes as I go.” 
  • “If I wait until everything is perfect, I’ll never get started.” 
  • “I should start sooner rather than later.” 
  • “I can’t wait around for my dreams to come true.”

You must understand that what truly matters is progress, not perfection. Getting started matters more than getting everything perfect. There comes a time when you simply must hit the “Go” button. 

Once you get started, you can make the necessary corrections. You can adjust your course as needed. But if you wait until you feel perfectly ready to launch, you will never launch at all. If you wait until everything is just so, your dreams will die before they ever see the light of day. 

Your new belief is that you’ll get started now and make changes as necessary. 

It’s better to start and to make mistakes than to never get started. You can always fix things along the way. You can always make changes when the time comes.

You absolutely must not wait until the time is “perfect” because there will never be a perfect time to get started.