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Parenting is Never Easy: How Would You Handle the Following Situations?

Hope4Families August 26, 2022

You are dead tired but your 1 year old daughter keeps crying and won’t go to sleep.

Your 2 year old son is going through the terrible two’s and says “NO” to everything you ask.

Your 6 year old son keeps picking on his 3 year old brother.

Your 8 year old daughter says she wants to live with your ex- instead of with you.

Your 9 year old daughter says she hates you because you won’t let her skip homework and hang out
with her friends.

Your 12 year old son keeps skipping school. He says it’s boring and a waste of time.

Your 15 year old son gets sent home from school for fighting but he says he didn’t start the fight.

Your 18 year old daughter is drinking to get drunk every day.

Your 21 year old son calls to tell you he is really depressed and feels like killing himself.