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My Past Will Always Negatively Influence My Future

Hope4Families September 1, 2021

In the last lesson, you discovered how your failures don’t keep you from succeeding now. In fact, failures bring you closer to success! This lesson is tied closely to the same concept – that what happened in your past doesn’t predict your future.

If you think that your past does predict your future, this limiting belief is particularly pernicious. It’s the assumption that past events will influence future events in a negative way. That your past actions hold too much sway over your future actions. 

Maybe you’ve made mistakes in the past and you’re convinced that they’re going to keep you from achieving the success you desire. Maybe you’ve tried things in the past that simply haven’t worked. Maybe you don’t have a good track record in a particular area. 

Your limiting belief is that your past holds sway over your future. 

You believe that your past actions restrict your future options, or that your past efforts will hamper your future efforts. 

And so, you don’t feel like you can try anything new. You feel like your past is holding you back. Keeping you from your true potential. Standing in the way of your success.