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Lesson 4 Module 1 Summary and Reflection

Hope4Families September 2, 2021

The key to healing from emotional wounds is to be able to release the pain from those wounds.

In this module you learned there are three factors which make releasing the past difficult:

  1. When you’re hurt, your body responds by producing hormones and neurotransmitters which affect your emotions. You can become anxious and depressed.
  2. The tendency is to keep thinking about what happened to you. This causes your brain to produce more hormones and neurotransmitters, resulting in greater anxiety and depression.
  3. The emotions which resulted from what happened also continue the cycle.

To stop this cycle, you’ll need to access your inner power, release the past, and form your new future.

In the next module, you’ll learn that misconceptions about forgiveness, the releasing of the past, may prevent you from letting go of what happened and moving forward.