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I Worry About What Others Think About Me

Hope4Families September 2, 2021

In the last lesson, you learned how to instill the positive belief that you’re worthy of success.

Do you still doubt? Do you wonder what others think about you? Today, we’ll look at this limiting belief.

This is one of the most common limiting beliefs that people struggle with. You worry, and even obsess over, what others think about you.

You worry that if you’re too successful, people will think you’re stuck up. You worry that if you’re not successful enough, people will look down on you.

If you stand up for yourself, you worry that people will think you’re too assertive. If you try to be a peacemaker, you worry that you’ll come across as a doormat. 

Worrying about what others think of you can be incredibly consuming. It can sap your time, energy, and joy. It keeps you from being productive and often causes you to second guess yourself. 

Your limiting belief is that if you do (or don’t do) certain actions, others will think less of you. 

If this limiting belief is not kept in check, it can become an obsession. It can keep you from pursuing your dreams and cause you to constantly be afraid of what others are thinking.

The fear of what others think can be like a great weight hanging around your neck, dragging you down, keeping you from making forward progress.