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General format

Hope4Families August 24, 2022

The following volume contains three domestic violence offender agendas: a) a 13 session educational program intended for clients with a minimal history of physical aggression within or outside the home; b) a 26 session program intended for a mixture of less assaultive and more assaultive individuals (especially useful in communities or organizations that can only implement one program; c) a 52 session program intended for individuals with more severe histories of domestic violence and other assaultive or physically violent behaviors. The first 13 sessions described are also the first thirteen for the other two programs and the first twenty six sessions are also the first 26 for the 52 session group. Most sessions’ format in this manual begins with an explanatory section intended for the facilitator, followed by handout material intended for group members. Handouts may be simply informational or they may ask clients to rank order different concepts or write answers to particular questions. Some sessions also include suggestions for group activities or homework assignments.

Note that some of the most critical sessions are presented twice in the 52 session program, sometimes with added material the second time. Since many of these sessions involve quizzes and active participation requirements they have been reprinted rather than directing clients to previous exercises (which also tends to create confusion).