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Dissolution w Children w Property

Sharon September 1, 2023
This video provides guidance on filling out a dissolution of marriage petition. It covers various aspects, including selecting the appropriate circuit court, indicating the petitioner (either spouse), providing personal information, confirming Florida residency, mentioning military service status, and specifying marriage and separation dates. Additionally, it discusses dependent minor children, their names and birthdates, details about any children not common to both parties, and any older children with disabilities requiring child support. Several essential forms are mentioned, such as a financial affidavit from both parties, a child custody jurisdiction affidavit, and reasons for filing (usually due to the marriage being irretrievably broken). It addresses marital assets and liabilities, emphasizing the importance of completing a marital settlement agreement even if there are none. Spousal support is discussed, and there’s an option for the court to decide asset division if no agreement is reached. The video suggests seeking guidance if needed. Lastly, it briefly mentions the parenting plan, a separate document included in the packet, to be filled out according to the wishes of both spouses.