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Combatting Excessive Jealousy

Hope4Families August 26, 2022
  1. Here’s a jealousy memory devise to help you recognize the warning signs of jealousy. Look at
    each letter to see how closely each characteristic fits you.
    J = Judgmental
    E = Eagle-eyed
    A = Angry
    L = Lonely
    O = Oversensitive
    U = Unforgiving (and Unaccepting)
    S = Scared

Write the letters and words on a note card and put it in your pocket. It can help you recognize the signs
of a jealous attack early enough to find something healthier to do than have a fit. Use this card to help
you stay in control of your jealousy, and keep it until you have successfully stopped an attack of jealousy
several times in a row.

  1. Other guidelines.
    • Do not: create “trust tests” such as seeing if you can make your partner jealous of you;
    • Do not: check his/her phone, follow your partner around, etc.
    • Do not: ask a thousand questions about where he/she went, who he/she saw, etc.
    • Do not: ask your partner a hundred times a day if he/she loves you (You won’t feel secure
    anyway so why bother?).

• Choose consciously to trust your partner. Remind yourself of this promise every day.
• Think of all the ways your partner has shown you can trust him/her (and don’t follow with the
word “but…”)
• Work on improving your self-esteem so you feel confidant your partner finds you attractive.
• Consider going to therapy if your jealousy has caused you to lose relationships, become violent
in relationships, or stalked a current or former partner.