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Calculating Child Support

Hope4Families September 26, 2023
In this video, Steve Leitman, an attorney located in Jacksonville, Florida, demonstrates the Florida child support calculator. The calculator has four columns, providing general information and explanations on how the numbers are calculated. The first column offers an overview, the second focuses on the father’s information, the third on the mother’s information, and the final column displays the total calculated.
The calculator is programmed to auto-calculate many numbers, streamlining the process.

Steve demonstrates how the calculator automatically calculates child support based on guidelines and additional costs such as daycare, children’s health insurance, and non-covered medical expenses. By using the calculator and inputting the number of overnights each parent has, the video demonstrates how the child support amount is determined.

The Calculator

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Steve encourages viewers to explore the Florida Child Support Calculator further on their own, adjust tax calculations as needed, and find additional information at Floridachildsupportcalculator.com. The disclaimer emphasizes that calculated child support numbers may not be accurate, applicable, or suitable for their specific case, as every case varies based on numerous factors. Special circumstances such as low or high net income are not fully considered by the calculator. You are urged to consult Florida Statutes Section 61.30 or seek legal advice for accurate information.