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Before You Start

Hope4Families June 1, 2021

There are three easy steps to complete your co-parenting course successfully. Here’s what you will need to know.

1. Complete Each Lesson & Topic ✔

DOWNLOAD/PRINT Assignments Sheet prior to beginning the course. You will need it as you go through the course.

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Your course consists of:

  • Curriculum slide decks with audio
  • Videos
  • Test Your Knowledge quizzes
  • Written Assignments
  • Final Evaluation
  • Submission Instructions

2. Email All Three Completed assignments & ID (with proper Subject Line) ✔

You can then work on the assignments and evaluation as you progress through the curriculum. This course has a minimum 4-hour mandate of course time so nothing should be skipped. At the completion of your course, you will have instructions for submitting all assignments along with requirements for receiving your certificate of completion.

  • Proper Subject Line naming scheme is given at the conclusion of the course. This is very important to follow so your submission is properly handled.

3. Final Step: ✔ 

  • In the Conclusion Section of the course is a web form.
  • You must FIRST email your three completed assignments & ID before requesting your certificate.
  • If submit the Certificate Request Form without sending your assignments first, your certificate WILL be delayed.

(This is so very important. Do it in the order requested and you will get your certificate quickly. Thank you!)