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Are You Too Jealous?

Hope4Families August 26, 2022

• Your partner tells you more than once that you’ve got a serious jealousy problem.
• Previous partners have said the same thing, meaning you’ve developed a predictable pattern.
• You know you’re making unreasonable accusations but you can’t seem to stop.
• No matter how reasonable your partner’s explanations are for situations such as him/her coming
home later than promised you cannot or will not accept them.
• You have such low self-esteem that you can’t believe anybody would want to stay with you.
• You follow your partner around, rifle through his or her pockets, sneak looks at his/her phone, etc. in
order to gather evidence that your partner is cheating on you.
• Your anger, fear, and anxiety are intense when your partner is gone or even when you anticipate being

• You have become so obsessed with insecurity and jealousy that you can hardly think about anything

• You’ve become physically threatening or abusive while accusing your partner of infidelity.
• You can’t stand your partner even glancing at a potential rival.
• You keep assuming that your partner will cheat on you because previous partners did so.
• You believe your partner will cheat on you because you’ve cheated yourself.
• You don’t think you could make it without your partner – you would kill yourself or die from loneliness.