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Anger Styles Questionnaire

Hope4Families August 24, 2022

The following questionnaire is another way to help clients learn more about their anger concerns. The anger styles questionnaire describes 11 different ways people handle situations in which they might become angry. The 11 styles cluster into 3 sets: “hidden” anger styles; “explosive” anger styles; and “chronic” anger styles. Pass out the questionnaire and ask participants to mark each item as “yes” or “no” — yes if they do that thing at least occasionally. When completed have them add up the number of “yes” items in each set of three questions. The eleven sets match the 11 styles described in the overview. Then have them write down the names of each style beside the appropriate questions (otherwise it gets confusing). Then go through the eleven styles one by one (if there is not enough time then select the ones more members have identified as ones they use). Get them to give examples, especially any relevant to domestic violence.