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Exercise: Getting Clarity Through Specificity

Danica Joan December 16, 2020
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Instructions: Copy/paste this exercise into a document and save it in your course folder.

Question #1: Create Your Healing Statement

I HEAL: (problem they know they have)

For: (your tribe)

So that they: (what they really want).

GO DEEPER: Does it connect with them so that they can access their joy?
Does it evoke an emotional response?
Keep asking yourself ‘Why do you heal that?’, and ‘Why do you heal that?’…. until you are profoundly moved with emotion.

Question #2: What results can you consistently deliver to your clients?
List them as if they have already happened

GO DEEPER: Can you see yourself solving their problem?
Are these what they really want, but don’t have right now?

Question #3: Who are you healing?

GO DEEPER: Does this match what you have written in your healing statement? This should make you feel like you know who they are.

Question #4: Do they have a need have this problem solved or healed? And do they REALLY want this problem solved?

Question #5: Do they have funds to pay for your service?

GO DEEPER: Are they excited because they love what I do?
Are they happy to pay you to remove the problem that keeps them from their joy?

Question #6: Are they motivated to take action to get results?

GO DEEPER: Does your client want it for themselves as much as you want it for them?

Question #7: Do you enjoy working with them?

GO DEEPER: Does your answer show how much you enjoy working with them and the problem you solve?

Question #8: Who do you NOT want to work with?

GO DEEPER: Is your answer crystal clear?


  • Do you feel certain about who and what you are healing?
  • Are you crystal clear about your tribe?
  • Can you feel it and visualize it?
  • Do you see them enrolling in your programs?

Focus on this daily!

Submit to your Coach.