The latest update for the 18th of July Kids Need Both, Inc. livestream event

By: Cheryl P. Salvan

On the 18th of July 2021, Sunday, a virtual event for free will be held by Kids Need Both, Inc.

The monthly panel discussion is entitled “Raising children independent of Divorce. The focus will be on “How do we teach children to be independent and still love themselves and their other parents.”

The event will be hosted by Danica Joan Dockery, Founder of Kids Need Both, Inc. The moderator will be Dawn McCarty, founder of Safe@Home/CEO at Secure Everything. The panelists who had committed their time are Alan Pask, an advocate, and Jayna Haney, Founder, Bridge Across for single parent and Stepfamilies.

To visit the site just click on https://hope4families.net/events/raising-children-independent-of-divorce-how-do-we-teach-children-to-be-independent-and-still-love-themselves-and-their-other-parent/

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