The Effects of Divorce on Children’s Mental Health Through the Life Course First Hand

The Effects of Divorce on Childrens Mental Health. Through the Life Course First Hand. The psychological effects of divorce may touch divorcees, children, family and friends. Speak to a divorce lawyer today about coping with divorce.

from “A Happy Child Parenting Course”

Non-divorced  vs. divorced children, is there a difference?

There are some researches that says there is, and it is not becuse of the result of the divorce itself but as a result of the reduced social support from the parents and destructive interparental conflict.

So what is social support? Social support is having family, friends and people to trust and rely in terms of problems or crisis. These people will give a positive advice and a better focus on things.

And what is destructive interparental conflict? It refers to disagreement between parents and co-parents. This disagreement does not result in reconciliation but to antagonism.

Furthermore, some research shows children whose parents divorced have high levels of anxiety and antisocial behavior.

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