Parent-Child Relationships

In these trying times where technology advances and family values degrade, we will give emphasis on our children- teaching them how to be independent. And in this month’s online event is Raising Children Independent of Divorce (How do we teach children to be independent and still love themselves and their other parents).

Visit our site to learn more about the event. It’s for free. https://hope4families.net/events/raising-children-independent-of-divorce-how-do-we-teach-children-to-be-independent-and-still-love-themselves-and-their-other-parent/

In this video, host Dr. Roberta Holt interviews Kathleen B. Kerr, a faculty member of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family. Mrs. Kerr has seen a full range of family problems at the Bowen Center Clinic. The core of the struggle between parents and kids can be seen as a result of intensity in the relationship. If parents over-function for their children, the children will not learn how to function for themselves. Either compliance or rebellion on the part of the child can be an indicator of the parent/child’s emotional entanglement, as can parental over-involvement or reactive emotional distance. Children can also be caught between parents who are “wiping each other out” by reacting to each other in the triangle. It can be helpful to trust that children will figure things out for themselves because apples don’t fall too far from their trees.

Source: Youtube/Bowen Center Channel

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