One Broken Mom | How To Master Your Divorce with Dr. Elizabeth Cohen

Dr. Cohen received her PhD in clinical psychology from Boston University. Dr. Cohen received her PhD in clinical psychology from Boston University. And now is the director of Dr. Elizabeth Cohen and Associates – a group practice providing comprehensive holistic Cognitive Behavioral therapeutic services in New York City. Now, you will recall, Elizabeth and I chatted about Cutting Ties with Toxic Family and now she is launching her first online program called Afterglow: The light at the other side of Divorce. This program provides research based techniques to have ease, joy and abundance post divorce. In a recent article in the New York Post, they dubbed her “The Divorce Whisperer.” Dr. Cohen has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, Women’s Health, New York Post, Huff Post, Thrive Global and, Good Housekeeping. In this episode you will hear: How does someone know when “Divorce” is the right answer versus couples counseling? If you tell your partner you want a divorce but they promise to change, should you give them another chance? What to do when our partner tells us they want a divorce How to handle the dividing up of friends and favorite places The good and bad about advice from other people What is the most important thing a man or woman can do to keep themselves from cracking under the pressures Post Divorce: How do you make sure you DON’T end up in another bad relationship Resources: Elizabeth’s Program: https://drelizabethcohen.com/afterglow/

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Dr. Elizabeth Cohen is one of the panelists for the 27th of June event for the Hope for Families discussion.

Get to know her more. This video showcases her efficiency and efficacy as a Divorce Doctor. A title she lives up to very well. To check her event on the 27th please click the link Hope for Healing (hope4families.net)

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