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We’re here to talk about navigating parental stress. Experiencing some degree of parenting stress is virtually unavoidable, particularly as children enter early adolescence and assert their independence. However, practicing healthy stress management can help you and those you care for find more peace in the day. According to Dr. Jennifer Litner’s article about Parenting Stress, you can identify certain stressors for you to be able to prepare its uncertainty and avoid burnouts.

What causes parenting stress?

Stress is a poor boundary keeper. Work stress doesn’t stay confined to the office. Financial worries don’t magically go away when your child is sick and sleepless. The parenting journey is naturally peppered with seasons of heightened stress and worry — from the sleepless newborn stage to the teenage rebellion years and beyond. These are the lists of common factors that can make parenting stress worse:

What’s the difference between parental stress and distress?

You’ll likely worry about your child’s development, behavior, and safety their whole life. On top of that, there may be a (seemingly) never-ending carousel of honey-do line items. But if your day-to-day becomes overwhelming, your feelings may transform into chronic anxiety or debilitating depression that causes you to question your ability as a parent. In this case, you might be distressed.

Parental stress index, what it means

The parenting stress index is a 120-question screening test, designed to measure stress in the parent-child relationship. A parenting index short-form version can be completed in about 10 minutes. The test can be used to assess families and identify children who may be at risk for dysfunctional relationships. To read more..  

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January 27, 2022: Learning About ADHD

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Lisa is a Parental Alienation Survivor and Childhood Trauma Educator. She is the founder of the Stephood Project and specializes in inner child trauma healing using both mind and body connections. Alienated from both parents by her stepmom, Lisa’s the first child of divorce to come forward with proof of what happened to her. Lisa hopes by sharing her story will bring awareness and action against parental alienation. While clearing the path for other survivors to come forward
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Guardians & Gatekeepers Conference

As unstoppable advocates committed to bringing healing to hurting families we have created this opportunity for you to participate virtually from anywhere on the planet.

The presentations are delivered by prominent experts in high conflict custody matters. It is our desire that you gain all the tools to restore families you serve, especially if that family is your own. This platform is for parents and professionals such as mental health counselors, legal professionals and educators.

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