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It’s Post-Separation Legal Abuse, Not High Conflict Divorce

When abusers use the courts to harass their ex-partners, judges sometimes consider “the couple” as the problem, failing to identify the legal maneuvers as a form of continued abuse.

Guardians ad litem, custody evaluators, and judges often mistakenly identify custody disputes involving a domestic abuser as “high conflict divorces.” The term “high conflict divorce” suggests symmetrical and parallel escalation from both parties. However, in most “high conflict” divorce cases, what we are really seeing is one “party who is drawn towards, rather than away from, conflict” (Rosenfeld et al., 2019).

These cases are marked by one “high conflict litigant” who exerts power by dragging their ex into court repeatedly. In other words, an abuser creates a series of court complications to make a divorce or custody case impossible to resolve, so it continues for years. 

Frequently, the domestic abuser creates a false (gaslighting) narrative that the other parent should lose much or all of their parenting time because they are “mentally unstable.” The domestic abuser may also allege that the targeted parent is trying to undermine the role of the domestic abuser in the children’s lives and raise the specter of “parental alienation.”

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March 1, 2022 : Helping Your Child Manage Anxiety

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Marvin Acklin

Dr. Marvin W. Acklin, PhD, ABPP, ABAP is a clinical and forensic psychologist practicing in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dr. Acklin specializes in psychological evaluation and treatment of children, adolescents, and adults. He is an experienced psychotherapist working with individuals, couples, and families. He consults with various private and public agencies. He serves as a forensic consultant and expert witness in civil and criminal matters and has been qualified as an expert in a variety of areas in Hawai’i state, federal military, and immigration courts. He is an experienced child custody evaluator.

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Appropriate Treatment for the 3 Different Levels of Parental Alienation

What treatment is appropriate for Parental Alienation generally? How about each LEVEL of parental alienation specifically? There are three levels of parental alienation: mild, moderate, and severe. This video discusses the appropriate treatment for victims of parental alienation. 

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Public Awareness Campaign

Dr. Petra Deeter is planning a Parental Alienation Awareness Campaign for Saturday, April 23rd and wants it to happen in YOUR city. If you want to participate, please join us with your hashtag #childrenfirst. This campaign is by the Victim To Hero Institute 

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