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Mothers’ Unequal Child Care Responsibility

Did you know that mothers are more likely to juggle work and provide childcare when a child is home sick? Mothers are more likely to be the primary caregiver in the home. Nationally, the median annual pay for a woman who holds a full-time-year-round job is $50,982. The median annual pay for a man is $61,417, a gap of $10,435

Despite significant improvements in women’s career prospects, the gender pay gap still persists, and one crucial component as to why women on average earn lower wages than men is parenthood

Caring for children falls largely on women and the time women spend in the home caring for children costs them career advancement and stagnation in their incomes. Vanek Smith, NPR host of Planet Money, frames it this way, “… the economic impact of crying babies is enormous. Childcare shapes our economy and the careers of working parents in so many ways. This is especially true for women. And in fact, childcare is one of the main reasons that women cite for hanging back from taking really intense jobs like CEO or surgeon or law partner. It is also a big part of the pay gap. Women will often choose a particular job or choose to work full time in order to accommodate childcare. Women must arrange their employment around child care.

Shared and Joint Parenting

Advancements over the last decades in shared parenting arrangements support female advancement at work and shift the burden of childcare onto both parents and away from the focus on the mother.

What can a Mother do when a Father Refuses to Spend Time with his Child?

The short answer is “there is nothing that can be done.”

What can the Court do when a Father Refuses to Spend Time with his Child?

The short answer is “there is nothing a court can do.”

Given the economic and personal gains for women and the benefit to children to two actively engaged parents sharing in their care, it seems counterintuitive that if a father refuses to spend time with his child, the court can do nothing to enforce that he visit his child. 

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March 15, 2022 :

Webinar for School Age Childcare providers.

Hope4Families encourages you to send us your events to be featured at our website!

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Trent Zimmerman, MSW, BCL, LLB

Trent Zimmerman, MSW, BCL, LLB, is a formerly trained social worker and family therapist. For several years, he has continued his law practice exclusively in family law within Southwest Ontario as well as Alberta, Canada. His training additionally includes the areas of mediation and parenting coordinator. He continues as a legal panel member of the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, which operates as an independent law office within the Ministry of the Attorney General. He acts as agent legal counsel for the Children’s Lawyer representing children in domestic and child protection judicial proceedings at the provincial and federal court levels. Mr. Zimmerman represents parents involved in high conflict custody and access dispute claims in courts at the provincial, federal, and appeal levels in both Canadian provinces.

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Ethical Considerations for Cases Involving Parental Alienation

Attorneys are in a unique position to fight child abuse in the form of parental alienation. It’s never in the best interests of a child to lose the relationship of a parent — divorce is hard enough without the child feeling like choosing one parent or the other is necessary. This video discusses attorney ethics and the role they can play in reducing the painful effects of parental alienation.

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Retreat Workshop for Alienated Parents & Grandparents

A Retreat for Alienated Parents and Grandparents will take place April 23-24, 2022 at The Resolution Center of Jacksonville, Florida.  Our retreat weekend will consist of a Meet and Greet on Friday night, workshops throughout the day on Saturday by parents and professionals (PA competent), followed by a Sunday morning beachside brunch before departure.

Your $50 registration fee includes Saturday breakfast, lunch, and entry to all workshops.  Seating is limited, so be sure to register soon!  Scholarships are available upon request.  This supportive and ecumenical retreat is co-sponsored by Mark David Roseman and Associates and The Resolution Center of Jacksonville. Take the next step on your healing journey with us!

Virtual: Live streaming event will premiere for the first time on Saturday August 23, 2022 at approximately 9:30am EST.

Scholarship: If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact one of the organizers below for the scholarship application:

For more information, contact co-organizers:
Maryann Petri at maryannpetri3@gmail.com or (814) 440-1066
Ann O’Keeffe Rodgers at okeefferodgers@gmail.com or (614) 962-9907

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