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Are you ready to be THE ultimate parent, {first}?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie to step parenting, it can be hard to know where to start. Each teen is obviously different, so getting to know them better will help you tailor your step-parenting style to suit them.

Teenagers in this situation will also be going through all sorts of emotions—the usual teenage ones and adjusting to a new family structure. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster, but sticking it out and being there for them will help set things up for a great relationship down the track.

How do I build a good relationship with my stepchild?

Those first few years when you come into their lives are crucial. It’s when you set the tone for what your relationship together will look like. Try to meet them where they’re at. Although you might be keen, if it’s taking them a little while to warm up to you, try not to pressure them too much. It can backfire in a major way, and they might start trying to avoid you or not wanting to spend time with you.

Quality not quantity is definitely the go. It might be less pressure on both of you to start spending time as part of the family or doing a group activity.

Something without too much forced face-time, like going to the shops or movies is also good, and you could do some recon first by going on sites like Lasoo to scope local specials. You can then move on to spend time one on one doing things they enjoy that helps you get to know each other more.

Take time to listen to any worries or concerns they have and work on them together to come-up with a good solution. Everyone wants to feel heard, so paying attention when they are talking about their life and attending important events, like school concerts, sports carnivals and family events will mean a lot.

What might a come up against as a step-parent?

Some of the issues teens might struggle with could be:

  • Worrying that you’re out to replace their parent – You can reassure them that’s not your goal. Step-parenting is an entirely different role to play, and while going through a separation is tough, having a step-parent can add a lot to their lives too.
  • Adjusting to new rules and boundaries – Chat to your partner to get on the same page. The more you can roll with the times and be flexible as your stepchild gets older, the happier (and more peaceful!) family life will be.
  • Communication – Keep the lines open, and check-in with your stepchild about how they are tracking. People are pretty good at making it obvious when they’re not happy – and that’s a good thing. Take it as a chance to chat things through.

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Managing Emotions

A healthy amount of ego facilitates success and happiness.

 But how much is too much?

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