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Let’s start our discussion about shared parenting plan, and it’s benefits.

Shared parenting gives both parents the opportunity to cultivate their relationships with their kids, which also helps kids to develop to be emotionally healthy. It also creates an opportunity for coparents to work together for the sake of their kids.

Research has determined that when children have experience of shared custody they have better relationships with both parents and are more satisfied with their lives. It’s also shown that even when there’s strong animosity between the parents, shared custody works well for the children.

What is a shared parenting plan?

Shared parenting is a custody agreement between parents in which the care of the children is essentially equal between them. Since the mid-1990s, shared custody, also known as joint physical custody, has become more common in how divorced parents care for their children.

A shared parenting plan allows your children to have maximum exposure to each parent because you are involved in the day-to-day events rather than just a weekend outing. Shared custody involves you and the other parent using a schedule where the children alternate living with each parent.

When you and the other parent set out to create a shared parenting plan, remember these goals:

  • Make it detailed enough to address all parenting decisions
  • Consider each idea from the other parent and keep the conflict level low
  • Clearly define each parent’s roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure that the custody schedule is clear, reliable and detailed enough to avoid confusion
  • Keep the plan realistic and flexible to accommodate real life situations
  • Agree to mediation if you cannot agree on some aspect

What are the benefits of a shared parenting plan?

The benefits of a shared parenting plan include creating a stable environment where children can thrive, reduced misunderstandings between parents and reduced legal costs because decisions are made by parents rather than the courts.

Some of the top benefits of a shared parenting plan include:

  • Stronger relationships between children and each parent because of increased involvement
  • More balanced parenting, rather than one parent doing the day-to-day and the other parent limited to weekend “fun” visits
  • Lower loyalty conflicts within children about their parents
  • Reduced feelings of loss, rejection or abandonment in children
  • Increased dedication by parents in paying child support

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February 17, 2022 : First Step: Co-Parenting Foundations

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Jennifer Abrams is an international educational and communications consultant for public and independent schools, hospitals, universities and non-profits. She trains and coaches teachers, administrators, hospital personnel and others on successful instructional practices, new employee support, supervision and evaluation, generational savvy, having hard conversations and effective collaboration skills.

Jennifer considers herself a “voice coach,” helping others learn how to best use their voices, be it in a group, in front of a classroom, coaching a colleague, in a supervisory role and most recently in writing for the stage, as she did in her tenure as a Board Member of the National New Play Network.

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John Hamel, Ph.D., LCSW – Domestic Violence Expert in the CA Court System

Dr. John Hamel talks to us about domestic violence and his experience as a professional in the California court system. He talks about how domestic violence is viewed differently between genders by professionals and how some abuse the system because of gender bias. What have your experiences been?

For more information:
John Hamel, Ph.D., LCSW Private Practice,
San Francisco Bay Area, CA (415) 472-3275
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