Mom Praises Ex-Husband and Claims They Will Always Be a Team After Security Camera Catches a Tender Moment

They will always be family

If you’ve ever tried to co-parent with an ex partner, you know it’s not always easy. In fact, a lot of the time it can be pretty hard. But in the best of situations, parents put their differences aside to focus on the well-being of the kids and work for the happiness of the family on the whole. This beautiful video from @ash_lee.111 is a beautiful illustration of the way co-parenting should work. As the mom wrote, her son had an accident at the trampoline place which required calling an ambulance. When she called her ex-husband, he “dropped what he was doing” to meet them at the house and see that they were both okay, because mom was pretty shaken up too. Check out the adorable hug caught on security camera.


Our son knows both of his parents will always be there for him whether we are married or not!!! 🖤 #coparenting #exhusband #boymom #momsoftiktok

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Awww. This is so inspirational for families who might be having a tough time making co-parenting work. As the mom wrote, “Our son knows both of his parents will always be there for him whether we are married or not!!!” And that’s all that really matters.

Commenters were so impressed with this mom and dad:

“when he hugs you..so beautiful. what a perfect example yall are setting. so proud of your family”

“Omg I am sobbing. I wish my parents could’ve existed like this for me you two are doing a fantastic job”

“This is no awkward hug… This is a legit I’m always there for you hug. The tightness says it all. I love this! Respect.”

“The son will treat women so good cuz of his dad treating his mom so well I love this!!!”

“he will be so thankful in his future that y’all put aside your problems and show him that you guys can get along”
Best of luck to this family…they’re doing something right! 

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