“May 23 Panel Discussion: Being Mom Without Children at Home, a success”

By Cheryl P. Salvan

The recently concluded event for the month of May, “Being Mom Without Children at Home – May Panel Discussion” was a success.

 Five (5) empowered women made a difference on the 23rd of May 2021. May is the mother’s day celebration for all the mothers out there, the event was timely for women who are undergoing an emotional crisis just by doing their job being a MOM (without children at home). 

The powerhouse of Kids Need Both, Inc., Danica Joan and Dawn McCarty steered the wheel in the virtual event.

The guests included Dwilene Lindsey, CEO & Co-Founder of Children for tomorrow,  Linda Reutzel, MISSOURI Board Treasurer, National Parents Organization, and Monique Mason, Co-Parenting & Reunification coach. 

These women had filled the virtual event with wisdom and conviction. May is for women. June is for men. We will be posting soon our event this June in consonance with the celebration of Father’s Day. We will keep you posted. Don’t miss the coming virtual event.   

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