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Divorce is expensive and destroys lives and traumatizes children. 

You can either save your family or create an amicable separation and a partnership in your new co-parenting relationship with your Ex

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Top Reasons Not to go to Court

NO! You can mediate a healthy and equitable divorce that empowers the relationship to coparent your child.

It’s expensive. At $200-$250 per hour with a minimum of 5 hours spent preparing and being in court for even a short hearing that is at least $1,000. Most of you don’t have it or if you do its money better spent on something else.

They really do. They can’t be expected to remember all of the tiny details of your life that really do matter. They might be tired, hungry or bored when your case is heard. They may also just not like you.

Every time I think I know exactly what a judge is going to do I get it wrong. Their experience in other cases directly affects how they handle your case. Judges also get reversed on appeal. That may change how they handle certain types of cases over time and this is where things become unpredictable.

Every judge has personal biases they bring to the bench based on his/her own personal experience. This directly affects how they decide cases including yours. To think every judge is objective and doesn’t use their own personal experience in how they handle cases is naïve on your part. Think about a judge who is a divorced dad. Think about a judge who is a grandmother that was denied the right to see her own grandchildren. How do you think this person will decide your case if you are a divorced mom or the parent who doesn’t want grandma to see the children because you think Grandma is crazy?

Not only will you be missing work to prepare for court but you will also miss work to be in court. Your case may take several days to be heard. You may also take time off because of the stress associated with going to court. This is time off you could have used to spend with your children, to take a vacation or to just simply enjoy the day off.

 Judges do not make decisions the same day you are in court. It may take up to a year for you waiting on the judge to make a written decision about your case. How much changes while you are waiting on someone else to decide the fate of your life? What if you had taken control and made the decision with the opposing party? How much time would you have saved? What else could you have accomplished in that period of time?

You will not get along better with the other party after court. I guarantee that. You will have hard feelings about whatever is said in court and that will affect your relationship with the other person forever. If you are a parent of young children this should frighten you.

You may have wanted your attorney to ask certain questions or call your favorite aunt to testify but trial strategy is left up to the attorney handling your case. You can’t sanction me or ask the bar to discipline me because you and I disagreed on how I handled your case at trial. Despite all of that you know your personal life better than I do. I only have a limited number of hours to spend on your case. There is just no way that I will do everything perfectly at trial and exactly the way you wanted it done. Human error.

Going to court requires you as the client to be able to perform well on the stand in the middle of trial under oath. You must be able to handle stress, to be cross exam

WITNESSES CAN’T PERFORM. You think you have a star witness in your child who will tell the judge that he/she wants to live with you. You think your real estate appraiser is better than your spouse’s. You think your child’s teacher will most definitely tell the judge why you are the better parent. You’re wrong. These are the witnesses most likely to waffle on the stand and not come through for you when you go to court. I already know this. You don’t but you’re not listening to me.

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"April is an amazing and passionate teacher, whose dedication to yoga goes beyond simple fitness to a place of not only growth physically, but mentally, and spiritually. Combined with her Life Coaching skills, April can help overall personal wellness."
Alexandria Campbell
After working with Caroline for five months, I had accomplished all five of the goals I set for myself when I started with Caroline. As an experienced businessman and divorced father of two young adult children, I wanted to find my way out of the trauma I experienced in family court for over a decade. I also wanted to help my kids cope with the psychological trauma, enabled by the family court, that they had experienced.
Todd Schuelke

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