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The break-up, re-marriage, and adjustments can be very hard for the children because they are caught in the middle, love for the father and love for the mother. In the end, life’s lessons will teach us how to see the light after the dark and accept the reality that not all stories have happy endings.

This is an honest confession of a child from the whole divorce experience of his parents.

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Have you all seen Caspar Lee on social media? On YouTube or Instagram? Maybe you’ve seen him as he’s been growing his acting career, or vlogging, or launching a new business venture. If you don’t know him yet, you’re about to, and you’re probably about to see him EVERYWHERE, because he is very much on the rise – AND – he’s our latest storybooth star!

But sometimes when we see someone like Caspar we assume that the kind of pain and struggles that we’e been through couldn’t have actually happened to him, that the true stories and scary stories we carry around with us are only ours, but in truth, we all have a storytime story to tell, and Caspar’s story about his parents’ divorce is one that so many share and can relate to.

But, maybe the way things ended with him and his family, through his parents’ divorce, is a little bit different than what we might expect to be normal, but it seems like it can be, or should be, and even though there was a lot of pain and problems to get through, and a lot of counseling, in the end, Caspar’s storytime story is a happy one filled with love.

It all started ten years ago when Caspar’s Mother told him something that took him by surprise, sent him into anxiety and sadness that neared depression, and changed his life forever. His mom told him that she had met another man and that she and his father were going to break up and get a divorce. He was shocked, angry, and sad all at once.

Even though his mom explained that she had to follow her heart, the strong conflicting emotions that Caspar felt wouldn’t go away. And still, he had to act and pretend that everything was okay, even though everything that had just actually happened was the very stuff he used to have nightmares about.

At school, even surrounded by his best friends, he couldn’t really hide the fact that there were problems at home and that he was in pain. His teacher noticed, asked what was wrong, and Caspar lied and said he was feeling sick. He spent the rest of the day just sitting in bathroom stall at school, trying to get control of his emotions.

He couldn’t fully understand how his mom could break up a marriage of so many years, she explained to him that she and his dad had been fighting and arguing, all the time, for years. She hadn’t meant to, but she met and fell in love with an amazing new man. Even though Caspar agreed to give this new man a chance, he was worried about his father who had always depended on his mother, who was a team with her, a family, and now Caspar worried that without counseling his dad might fall into a depression and need therapy.

Even though Caspar felt that if he liked his mom’s new partner, after the divorce, that it would be a betrayal of his father, and he felt really guilty about it BUT this new dad was a really nice man, who truly loved and cared about his mom.

He felt terrible and guilty and a lot of pain, but his Dad told him not to feel that way and to know, like he did, that there was enough room in his heart for two, or three, or more. And, after a few years had passed his father met the new love of his life, a new mom for Caspar ( not at all a step monster) and also a wonderful and amazing person, and a single mom. It was a new life for all!

Now his mother and father have each been remarried to their new husbands and wives for nearly a decade, and Caspar has more siblings, nieces and nephews than he can count on all his fingers and toes, and he has learned so much more from his new sets of parents, all together, than he could have with just his originals, together like they were. His life has been filled – by this new larger family – with more love than he could have dreamed, and his parents are happier in their new lives than they have ever been.

His parents’ divorce has taught him that even bad and painful experiences have the potential to lead to good and positive ones. Relationships don’t have to last forever – life is about the journey, not the destination.

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