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Working With a Dysfunctional Thought

Danica Joan January 17, 2022

Think a thought about someone you’re not so pleased with right now and close your eyes. Now think of where the thought of that person comes from? Your thought downs’t come from outside of you…It comes from inside you, doesn’t it? Who is that thought really affecting, the other person, or you? More than likely, it’s really only affecting you. These types of thoughts can also be going on inside of your mind about yourself as well and they can be quite unhealthy and self sabotaging. For instance: when you get out of the shower and you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you look at? The good or the not so good stuff? A lot of us mostly look at the not so good. And who does this affect when you think negative thoughts about your body? Just you…So now that you see the impact of dysfunctional thoughts try the following exercise:

Take any situation that comes to mind that you would like to fix in your current life. Describe your situation: (See Printout)

Follow the three easy steps below. In the next few days, you will begin to see a real difference (as long as you don’t give up).

Step 1:

  • What thought do you have about your described situation?
  • What could you begin to think differently about this thought?

Step 2:

  • My “healthier” thought is:______________________
  • How can I think even “better” about this certain thought?

Step 3:

  • My “even better” thought is:_________________________
  • My final good thoughts are now going to be:_____________________________

Now, actively think Step 3 when you’re in your car, in the bathroom, on a walk, working out, taking a break, or wherever you feel comfortable doing so. Aim for five minutes, three times a day. You can’t make changes without changing your thinking, so just do it! It is really that simple.