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Week 1: Setting Up for Success

Danica Joan December 16, 2020

Welcome to the Professional’s Business Accelerator course.

We will introduce you to Phases 2 and 3 later in this course.

Tips to Set Up Powerfully for Success:

  • Create a Course Folder on Your Computer
    • Save all homework assignments, documents, links to resources, etc.
  • Mark Your Calendar
    • All Zoom Q&A calls (and link to it)
    • Coaching calls (with your coach’s contact info)
    • Set Reminders
  • Print & Post in Your Office
    • Weekly Checklists
    • Inspirational Quotes
    • Your ‘Why’ that drives you

The modules will open for you as you progress each week. The first lesson of each week will contain a checklist for you, so that you can stay on pace.

Your lifeline is your assigned Coach. They are your mentor who has previously walked in your shoes. You will send your homework assignments to your Coach for feedback. Remember that our Coaches may not choose to work over the weekends, so keep your interaction to business hours unless an arrangement has been made.

Sharing among participants is encouraged in your Course Discussion group. This is the perfect place to post wins, shares and inquiries to fellow participants. This is also where you can pair up with an accountability partner.