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The Need for Intention

H4FAdmin June 16, 2022

Everyone makes daily choices that take them in the direction that they have decided to go. Some are intentional choices and some are not. If you have the intention to grow and develop as a person, you will, even if at times it does not feel comfortable. When you have made a commitment how it feels doesn’t really matter because you now have a self-created obligation to a higher purpose. If you do not have the intention to grow and develop, then you will tend to make automatic choices swayed by the fears and desires of your primitive brain. But if you are completely serious and committed to your intention to evolve as a person you will begin to discover a very different movement within yourself. The momentum of your own commitment will provide you with an inner strength, a conviction to take responsibility for your own future.

Take a few minutes to create a statement of intention by describing specific goals for your personal growth.