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Take a “Time Out”

Hope4Families June 16, 2022

One answer to the ‘Big Question’ (“What do I need right now to be OK and to be healthy in the long term?”) is that you may need to take a ‘time out’ and change your environment. Removing yourself from the source of reactivity allows for time to connect with your evolved brain in order to be reasonable, rational, and logical. A time out also provides time for the intensity of your angry feeling to subside. In order to be able to take a time out you must develop the capacity to suspend your reactions by telling yourself that you are getting overheated and the situation is not likely to get resolved this time. You can come back to the situation when your anger has subsided enough for you to be fully functioning out of your evolved brain. Examples of a time out include: going to another room, taking a walk, going out for a cup of coffee, taking a shower, reading, listening to some soothing music, going shopping, or getting some exercise.