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STOP and Remember the Consequences

Hope4Families June 16, 2022

“STOP”! – and ask yourself, “What are the consequences of expressing anger in this situation. Telling yourself to “STOP” gives a few moments to avoid impulsively reacting out of the primitive brain. Remembering the “consequences” also gives a few moments to avoid any knee-jerk reactions. Remembering the consequences of not managing your anger effectively is the most powerful single technique for keeping you form automatically reacting in a destructive way. Keep in mind what ineffective angry reactivity has cost and what price you may need to pay in the future. The consequences can typically include: loss of jobs, loss of relationships, loss of self-respect, and legal issues including jail time. Other helpful questions to ask your self in provocative situations are, “Is it work it?” , “How will my anger make things better for me?”, “Do I want to be right? Or, Do I want to be happy?”