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Scheduling with Your Coach

H4FAdmin August 22, 2022

We as coaches have the distinctions to help people in crisis by guiding them away from panic and fear, and towards constructive self-generated solutions.  

Part of the responsibility of being a H4F coach is a willingness to be scheduled to field inbound calls from potential clients in need of our expertise. To understand how best to manage these callers there must be a clear understanding of our mission and goals.

The Discovery Call

Your first contact with your coach should have been made during the complementary Discovery Call. If you have not had a discovery call, please book yours HERE.

Booking the Recurring Call

Setting a recurring call with your coach is between you and your coach. They may have a booking app or just verbally arrange a mutually agreeable time. If you have already made contact with your coach, then reach out to them to set up your recurring coaching relationship.