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Session 24: Positive parenting

H4FAdmin August 26, 2022

We provide here the concepts you will need to facilitate a good discussion on parenting. There is also a
list of “What could you do?” situations on the next page.

The Traditional Roles of a Good Father
Model of masculine behavior for sons and of a good man for your daughters.

The Traditional Roles of a Good Mother
Socializer – education about how to get along with others.
Model of feminine behavior for daughters and a good woman for your sons.

Specific jobs of both parents:
Set reasonable and flexible limits for your children’s behavior (Don’t be a pushover but also don’t be too
Help your children feel good about themselves.
Model courage in the face of adversity.
Teach your children to be assertive in order to meet their needs (instead of too passive or too aggressive).
Teach specific values but also how to develop their own values. Think “respect” and “choices.”
Teach boys to respect girls so later they will become men who respect women.
Teach children how to handle conflict with others without losing control.

Key parenting skills:
Patience: They aren’t little adults. Give them time to learn.
Calmness: Don’t lose your cool. Take brief time outs if you need to.
Consistency: Stick to your word.
Flexibility: But be willing to change your mind if conditions change.
Playfulness: Play is practice for future responsibilities.
Empathy: Put yourself in their shoes.
Which of these key parenting skills do you do well?
Which of these key parenting skills do you need to improve?