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Self Compassion

Danica Joan January 17, 2022

Compassion is the hope that a living being not suffer and to actually allow yourself to feel some of their pain. Our best personal and professional cells come from a place of compassion. When we can truly love and accept ourselves we can also see those in our world as collaborators on our path of evolving growth. Self-compassion is not self-pity, complaining, or wallowing in pain.

Research studies show that self-compassion puffers stress and increases resilience and self-worth. But self-compassion is difficult for many people, due to self judgment and criticism. Try not to be so hard on yourself have some compassion for what you have been through. We are all Partners on a human journey, and the greatest challenge in our evolutionary road map is to acknowledge our mutual humanity, the values of sharing and caring that make us simply together on the road of Life. Take a day this week to be aware of your judgmental and critical voice and to free yourself from self-imposed negativity and judgment.