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Danica Joan January 17, 2022

Self-awareness is a popular term describing the condition of being aware of yourself. Anger self-awareness is the ability to accurately perceive your own anger ‘in the moment’ and understand your tendencies across various anger situations. A person with high anger self-awareness understands the internal process associated with their anger experiences and, therefore, has greater control over them.

Considering awareness from the perspective of the human brain we can say that having a very basic consciousness of one’s internal and external world depends on primitive brain structures. We are automatically aware of our environment without actually having to think about it. This is the reason why we can sometimes drive a car down the highway on autopilot without really concentrating. Higher forms of awareness, including self-awareness, require evolved brain functioning. To focus our attention on where to turn off the highway demands a higher level of awareness we need to concentrate on the where, when, and how to exit or we will miss our turn. Increasing our awareness involves some concentration.